iOS 4.3.1 coming soon with bug fixes, jailbreak patches?

Only weeks after 4.3 was release, here comes another update. However, this one seems to be centered around the iPad 2.

With AT&T-Mobile, what does Sprint do now?

Talk about stealing the show. CITA was supposed to be Sprint’s show, now, its product releases are going to go under the radar. Looking back, and how good is hindsight, T-Mobile wasn’t set to make any huge, mind-blowing announcements so, I guess we should have see something coming. So where does Sprint go from here? Low cost smartphone plans or after the prepaid market?

Announced Saturday: AT&T Acquiring T-Mobile

If the deal goes through, the iPhone will be offered to T-Mobile customers, but not for about a year. T-Mobile will continue to run as a separate company. A member of DT will join the AT&T’s Board of Directors. Both will boost their coverage, especially a good thing for AT&T. It jump AT&T into a better network for their data and they can utilize T-Mobile’s large metropolitan presence. Who loses? There’s always got to be a winner and loser. Well, I’m guessing Sprint and you and me. Sprint is going to have to do some world class maneuvering and we’re going to have to swallow higher bills and slower innovation.

Feature Phone App Maker Snaptu Purchased by Facebook

Looking to make the feature phone experience with Facebook as pleasurable and featured as possible, Facebook gobbled up Snaptu for a reported $60 million. Facebook wants to be on every phone in America. Or at least, that’s what they’re telling iup.

Orange launches NFC payments trial in Poland

In partnership with Polish bank Bank Zachodni WBK and MasterCard, Orange is providing some 2,000 of its customers with the ability to make PIN-free payments of up to PLN50 (US$17.50 approx) using MasterCard’s PayPass system. The trial will last until August and all of their customers will be able to start using it.

CTIA 2011: Operators Tread Lightly With Opt-In Ads

Wireless operators and marketers are testing the waters of location-based marketing. However, opt-in is the way to go. That takes a lot of the finger pointing off you since they had to sign in to begin with.

ZTE says no to Windows Phone 7, adds that they don’t like how the OS is shaping up

ZTE is the world’s 5th leading manufacturer of phones. They were not impressed with the phone, nor were they impressed on the marketing. Add to that, the Nokia-Microsoft deal. Therefore, they’re not going to make any Window’s based phones.

Zong expands its mobile payments platform to any mobile phone

Previously available for HTML and on Android, developers can now integrate Zong’s simple mobile payments service in nearly any environment, including Flash, Unity, Interactive TV, gaming consoles and the mobile web. All the developers need is a phone number. It will check and verify the user and bill to their account information.

Next-Gen Immersive 3D iAds

This new iAd platform from Cooliris and InMobi is built to deliver shorter, sharper, immersive 3D product experience ads in competition to what we’ve been accustom to with the big budget, rich experience ads we’ve seen paraded by Apple so far.

Apple sues Amazon over ‘Appstore’ name, alleging trademark infringement

Apple tries to slow down the launch of the Amazon store. It complains that other companies, like Google, Microsoft, Nokia, and RIM, found a way to offer software download services for mobile OS without using the term “app store.”

Tips for Building Midmarket Mobile Apps

Gartner, Inc. research VP Gene Alvarez has supplied tips to help companies design better overall mobile apps that midmarket firms should take advantage of when building B2B and customer-facing apps:

  1. Make user profile creation simple
  2. Know your device
  3. Ask for community participation
  4. Don’t be a nuisance
  5. Avoid information duplication
  6. Stay on one platform
  7. Anticipate users’ needs

Nokia’s tablet venture may exclude Microsoft

Reuters reported that Nokia’s, soon-to-be-released, tablet may lack Microsoft software based on findings in a recent patent filing.


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